Mission Baptist Church exists to help people become like Christ in Every Way!


We seek to accomplish this purpose through...

Being with Jesus

Scripture encourages us to continually Abide with Christ in order to become like Him in every way. We believe this happens through the private prayer and personal study of the Word of God as well as the corporate gathering of the church family where the Word of God is taught publicly.


Building Relationships

Scripture teaches that as Christ followers, we were never meant to live on our own. We have been created to be in community. We recognize that as Christ followers we are Better Together, and are committed to building Christ-honoring relationships within the church family to encourage the practicing of the "One Anothers" found in the New Testament.


Banding Together

God has given us the responsibility of communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. We are committed to partnering with other believers in order to spread the Gospel to all nations.


Blessing Others

As Christ followers, we have been given our time, talents, and treasures by God for a purpose. We believe that we need to use all that we have in order to point others to Jesus.


Email: mbc@missionbaptist.com


Phone: (031) 665-6082


Office hours: Monday through Friday 10am - 5pm


Songtan P.O. Box 44 Pyeongtaek, South Korea 17757   경기도 평택시 신장2동 322-4 6통2반