Scripture teaches that Jesus Christ is the founder and head of the church. He is the “Senior Pastor”. Under His authority, through the direction of the Holy Spirit, godly men who meet the required Biblical qualifications for church leadership, are called and appointed to lead the church as the Elders. In biblical categories, an elder is what is often referred to today as a “pastor”.

It is the responsibility of the elders to serve as godly examples, provide biblical leadership, oversight, direction, and pastoral care to the church.


Mission Baptist Church presently has three men who have been appointed to serve as elders/pastors. Brian O'Hara the full-time Lead Pastor of the church, is responsible for handling a majority of the preaching and day-to-day operational needs of the church. The other elders serve voluntarily in various ministries and have other full-time vocations.

Peter Chae

Brian O'Hara

Nic St. Marie